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Coolant Pipes Protector for Tesla Model 3/Y

Coolant Pipes Protector for Tesla Model 3/Y

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  • Car Accessories for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y coolant pipes protector.
  • Material: High Hardness Carbon Steel Material.

  • Effective protection of pipes. Thickness: 2.12mm. No drilling, install with the original car screw hole.

  • Useful: Thickened Carbon Steel Material, Anti-collision, and Anti-scratch.

  • All-inclusive protection, Won't worry about car coolant pipes being damaged.

  • Upgrade your Tesla: The panel of the original car is easily damaged.

  • Uneven pavement such as stones damaged pipes. Damaged pipes can hide even greater dangers.

  • Molded with the original car data, Fitted Precise Hole Position.

  • Full Protection for The Tesla Coolant Pipes. Provide Safety for Your Driving.

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